Top 9 Things That Can Seriously Endanger Your Roof


As your first line of defense against the outside elements, your roof is undoubtedly one of the most important features of your home. But no matter how strong and sturdy it might be, it will give in to mother nature at some point, which can quickly turn into a disaster.

There are many factors that can contribute to roof damage, and precisely due to the severity of issues they can cause, addressing them promptly is of vital importance. Otherwise, you are risking further harm to your home and, more importantly – your family.

To help you better understand what exactly you should be on the lookout for, we’ve rounded up the nine biggest threats to your roof. Keep reading to find out what they are, and call your roofer the moment you spot any of them.


Even though many homeowners probably think that summer is a problem-free season when it comes to their roofs, the truth is a little bit different. 

Scorching summer heat can actually cause a great deal of damage to your roof and leave it extremely vulnerable. This is particularly likely to occur around the areas of your roof that are already exposed, such as those with damaged or fallen shingles. 

And if your roof is older or dated, you can count on sun cracking or drying out your shingles, which is another cause for concern. In these instances, installing a new roof is always your best option, as that is the only way to keep your home dry and protected.


Did you know that strong winds can blow the shingles off your roof deck, possibly leading to leaks and other interior damage? This is why we encourage all our homeowners to always check their roofs and yards after particularly heavy winds and storms. 

If you find shingles or pieces of shingles lying around your property, it means that there are exposed areas on your roof. For your peace of mind, call your roofer immediately to come out,  do a detailed inspection and recommend the next best course of action. 


While it’s not uncommon for branches, leaves, and twigs to accumulate on top of your roof and gutters, it can be dangerous and create serious issues for your roof. Too much debris in your gutter system can cause water damage and lead to ice dams in wintertime. 

Moreover, debris buildup can leave the underneath area moist, further damaging your shingles and causing other components of your roof to rot. It’s safe to say that a little maintenance goes a long way – give your roof the love and attention it deserves, and in turn, it’ll take excellent care of you and your family.

Faulty Gutters and Downspouts

As you probably know, gutters and downspouts are supposed to catch rainwater from the roof and steer it away from your property. But if your gutter system is clogged or in any type of disrepair, it will also affect your roof. 

Instead of being directed away from your home, rainwater will now start pooling on top of the roof, likely causing rot, and possibly more issues. Never neglect to maintain your gutter system, as it plays a major role in keeping your property dry and safe.


Dealing with a pest infestation can prove to be really dangerous for your roof, as birds, bats, squirrels, and mice can all pose a threat to your roofing structure. For example, they can chew into your walls, cause damage to your insulation and possibly even wiring. 

To be sure you’re out of harm’s way, simply check your attic for any holes that might allow pests to come in. If you do happen to find them, have them sealed and that should keep the pests away.


Strong winds can cause the tree limbs around your home to snap, potentially fall onto your property, and cause harm. Furthermore, if a tree is sick, the branches will likely break at some point, possibly damaging your vehicle, or worse off, a member of your family. 

To prevent this from happening, cut the trees near your home, especially those with large branches. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Places with humid and particularly warm summers are likely to bring algae to your rooftop. While algae may not necessarily cause functional damage to your roofing system, they can still pose an issue aesthetically speaking. 

The black streaks they leave will impact your home’s curb appeal, which can affect your home’s value should you ever decide to put it on the market.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice present a great challenge for any roof, especially in places with colder climates. During winter, you may notice a snow buildup on top of your roof, which can be a major sign of concern. 

The weight of the buildup can endanger your roof’s structure and allow water to seep into your home. This is especially problematic if there is ice on your roof as well, as it will inevitably start melting at some point and lead to even more water leakage. Therefore, make sure to rake the snow off the roof as it accumulates during winter. 

Damaged Flashing

The main purpose of flashing is to keep the jointed areas on your roof safe and protected from water penetration. Therefore, should your flashing dry up or become damaged in any way, it would allow water to seep into the roof and create unnecessary issues.

Generally, quality flashing should be able to hold up against the weather elements such as heavy rains and keep you safe, but unfortunately, as your roof ages and starts showing signs of failure, so will your flashing. Therefore, at any sign of damage, make sure to call your roofer to check it out.

Need Help With Your Roof?

Whether you’ve noticed shingles lying around your property, fallen debris in your gutters, or dried-up flashing, the first thing you should do is call in a professional to inspect the damage. The sooner you address the issue, the better the chances of it being properly taken care of.

If the damage to your roof is too severe, though, you could be left with only one choice – having a new roof installed. Fortunately, our team at Fortified Roofing has done thousands of new roof installations for our homeowners, and we’d be happy to do the same for you.

Call your #1 Brick NJ roofers today, and we will leave you with the best possible roof over your head and complete peace of mind.