Winterizing The Roof

Winter rains and snows may encourage homeowners to stay inside and cuddle by a fire, but this relaxing atmosphere can’t happen without a healthy roof. Capping the home is a sturdy roof complete with wood and shingles to protect the structure below. Getting the roof ready for winter is one of the most important jobs around the home. Even periodic winter inspections are necessary to avoid any costly repairs.

Monmouth County roofing professionals suggest gutter cleaning as a first defense against winter roof woes. Rain and snow cannot leave the roof efficiently without clear gutters. Professionals remove any debris and secure all the sections to each other and the fascia to ensure a smooth flow all winter. Gutter cleaning is one of the least expensive services that pays off when it’s pouring outside.

Those gorgeous deciduous trees look spectacular in the fall with their red, orange and yellow leaves, but this debris ends up in the gutters. Before professionals even clean out the gutters, trim back all the trees. Generally, trees shouldn’t hang over a home because of debris issues across the roof and drainage system. Trimming them back now only helps the professionals clean and maintain the gutters clearly.

A huge snowstorm is possible almost every winter in some regions.

Inches upon inches of snow can fall in one week, for instance. If the home has a significant amount of snow on its roof, call a roofer. Homeowners may notice doors or windows not closing correctly. In these cases, the snow may be too heavy above the structure. Roofers can determine if the snow is light or too heavy to remain in place. Removing snow as a DIY project is an extremely dangerous job. Roof professionals can verify the snow’s weight and match it to the home’s structural stability. Not all drifts must be removed.

Interior moisture is obvious on drywall, for example, so keep an eye out for any issues during the winter. Roof leaks can be extremely subtle, allowing only a tiny amount of moisture into a space. This moisture gives way to mildew and mold, creating a big cleanup project. If anything appears moist or stained, especially near the roofline, contact a roofer. They can find the issue and devise a repair plan. In severe cases, a cleanup crew may be necessary to rid the home completely of mildew or mold.

With proper roof winterizing, most of winter’s worst weather won’t affect the structure, even an ice dam. Be aware of the weather outside and its effects on the structure. Catching any problems early on only prevents new ones from appearing later. Have a question regarding skylight installation or new roofs? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

Term explained by Monmouth County NJ roofing contractor Fortified Roofing:

Ice dam

Melted snow turning into ice right off the roof. It often comes in the form of icicles, encouraging homeowners to ignore the issue because of its perceived beauty. Heat loss is occurring at the roof level, allowing snow to melt into ice.

Question and answer from Monmouth County roofing contractor Fortified Roofing:

Is it safe to clean snow off a flat roof as a DIY project?

Even if a roof is flat, it’s much safer to have a professional clean up the snow when necessary. Professionals understand potential soft spots in the roof, such as damaged decking hidden under shingles. The roof could be damaged or an amateur cleaner could be injured if allowed on the roof.

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