When it comes to places to visit in Pennsylvania, few can match Levittown, Pennsylvania’s listing as one of the best destinations for an overnight trip. Levittown is officially a town and part of district listed as a tourist attraction in Pennsylvania. It has been that way since the year 1940 and was then designated a state park. In addition to being a sight for overnight visitors, Levittown also offers a great selection of hotels for those looking to stay in the state during their visit. In fact, many travelers choose to stay in one of the quality hotels located in Levittown while visiting friends or taking a short vacation. If you want to find out about the history of Levittown PA, CLICK HERE!

Among the many attractions in Levittown, there are a number of parks to visit, including Wild Animal Park, Gene Krambles Waterfront Park, State Park, Old Commonwealth Golf and Country Club, Levick Mountain and Scarecrow Mountain, and Levittown City Park. Levittown is also known for its annual “Sporting Event,” “Rocky Mountain News,” “Cultural Event,” and “Hubble Movie Day.” Tourist attractions in the area include the Lehigh Valley Trace Parkway, Centre State Park, State Farm Center, Amico Lake State Park, and many more.

The best part about living in Levittown, PA is the large number of nearby attractions. This means that when you arrive in town, you do not have to waste time getting to know the area. Instead, you are able to explore all of it before you even leave on your trip. As a matter of fact, many of the local attractions are within a walking distance, so it never feels like you are on a vacation. Levittown definitely has the makings of a fine vacation location, whether you are looking for a small town serene atmosphere or an action-packed one with plenty of things to do.

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