Maintenance Tips For Metal Roofs

Those who want a roof that will last longer than 20 years often choose a metal roof system due to the advantages metal roofs offer. One of these is that metal roofs need very little maintenance when compared to other roofing systems. However, there are still certain things that a homeowner can do to keep their metal roofs looking great and performing the way they’re supposed to. A Toms River roofing contractor can always provide more information about metal roof maintenance.

Just like with asphalt roofing, homeowners should do what they can to prevent the accumulation of debris and organic materials on the roof. Organic materials can hold water up against the metal paneling. If enough time passes and enough water accumulates, the metal could begin to weaken and degrade. Homeowners should trim back any trees that overhang above the roof to reduce the amount of debris that falls and use a roof rake or an extendable brush to remove any debris that still ends up on the roof.

Homeowners should also pay special attention to their gutters. Wet leaves, dirt and other organic debris could cause clogs that result in water backing up under the roof.

If this happens, leaks may form inside the home, causing damage. If a homeowner is uncomfortable going up on a ladder to clean out the gutters, he or she should contact a trusted roofer who can perform the job quickly and efficiently. Gutter checks should be completed regularly and after any major storms.

Occasionally, the screws that hold the metal panels to the building can become loose or lost. At least once a year, the roof should be checked so that any loose screws can be tightened and any missing screws can be replaced. Additionally, the metal roof sealant should be checked and replaced if needed. This will ensure that your roof stays watertight.

Finally, homeowners should be on the lookout for rust. Though most metal roofs will last for 50 or more years, rust can still be a problem that could cause the roof to degrade at a faster rate. If rust is present, the anti-corrosion coating may be failing. A contractor should be called immediately to prevent any further damage.

When a metal roof is properly inspected and cared for, that roof can last for a minimum of 50 years. Some buildings even have metal roofs that are more than 100 years old. To keep the roof in tip-top shape, regular maintenance is extremely important. The roofing contractors at Fortified Roofing of Toms River NJ can answer your questions about gutters or new roofs.

Roofing term provided by Fortified Roofing, roofing contractors of Toms River NJ:

Metal roof sealant

The sealant is placed between the metal panels to prevent water intrusion. Unlike caulk, sealants are designed to be used on materials that expand and contract in certain weather conditions. They are made with polymers or silicone.

Question answered by roofing contractors of Toms River NJ, Fortified Roofing:

How often should an expert roofer inspect a metal roof?

In general, it is usually recommended that metal roofs be inspected once every year and after certain extreme weather conditions. Newer metal roofs can be inspected every three to five years depending on whether they were properly installed. If rust is seen on the roof, an inspection is needed as soon as possible.

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