When people think of ancient history in Pennsylvania, they think of Monmouth University and what it can be known for today. However, the history of Levittown PA is much longer than just a university connection and even includes connections to other schools throughout Pennsylvania. In fact, many of the original settlers of the United States founded their homes in and around Levittown, which is why there are so many ties between this town and the American Revolution. The town of Levittown was actually one of the original towns in what was to become New Jersey, which explains why there is such an affinity between the town of Levittown and the state of New Jersey. Find out more about restaurants in Levittown PA.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Levittown’s ancient history is that it is right in the heart of what became the United States as we know it today. This means that the town of Levittown, PA actually played a big role in the formation of the United States of America. Many connections have been made between this town and the state of New Jersey. For example, John Adams, one of the leaders of the United States, lived in a home in Levittown and Thomas Jefferson (one of the US Presidents) also had connections to the town of Levittown, PA.

Another interesting part of the history of Levittown is that, well before the American Revolution, the town of Levittown actually had a very strong connection with King George III. Levittown served as a winter home for American soldiers during the Revolutionary War. In fact, during the war, some of the soldiers of the American expeditionary force would stay in a cabin in the town and use it as a winter camp. Today, visitors to Levittown can go inside this very old cabin, which still exists and is open to the public.

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