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Some homeowners worry about a new roof replacement because they’re not sure how to make the process go smoothly. From finding a reputable Marlton roofing company to knowing whether or not to be home when the roofers come, the process of getting a new roof can seem overwhelming. Getting a new roof is actually a pretty easy process, but knowing what you can do to find a good company and help the roofers is important to having an easy roof replacement with little problems.

The first step is to use a reputable roofing company. Call at least three roofers and have them assess your home and give you an estimate for the work. Don’t choose a roofer based on price alone. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the reputation of the company and the quality of the roofer. Conduct a BBB investigation to make sure the company doesn’t have a lot of outstanding complaints, and hire the roofers you feel can do a competent job in a reasonable amount of time.

To prepare for the roofers, you may want to cut back the trees that overhang the roof. This will not only make their jobs easier when they do the tear off, but it will help prevent any damage from hanging limbs that may fall during the roofing process. If you have shrubs or yard decorations that you don’t want to get damaged, you will want to protect them with some sort of covering, or move them if possible.

With so much debris being thrown off the roof, it’s likely that your shrubbery or decorations could receive damage. Good roofing companies will ensure they respect your property and your landscaping.

Make sure there is enough room for a large dumpster , if possible. If your home is large, the company may use a crane to boost supplies. While some companies still manually carry the supplies, many now use a crane to expedite service and make it easier on the roofers. The dumpster will stay on site for the duration of the roof installation. If you want to avoid loose nails in your yard, lay a large tarp under the dumpster to catch stray nails that will fall.

If you have any questions, make sure you speak with the roofing foreman before the work begins. Most companies will try to answer your questions before the first day of work, but you need to clarify any questions before allowing the roofers to start. This includes what the company will do if the roof is taken apart and it unexpectedly rains, what happens if there is unexpected damage under the current roof that will end up costing you more money, and how the company will provide debris cleanup.

Remember that your estimate is only for the amount of a new roof without dealing with extensive damage. Sometimes a roofer will pull up an old roof and find something that requires extra work. You will be charged for this, so it’s best to clarify the approximate charges of having to deal with damage just in case it occurs. By preparing your home and yard, you can alleviate some common problems that can delay a roof installation. Have a question regarding roofing, roof leaks or new skylights? Please ask Fortified Roofing of Marlton NJ today!

Term & definition explained by Fortified Roofing, Marlton NJ:

Tear off

This is the process of removing the old roofing materials before adding the new layer. A tear off consists of prying up old shingles and laying down the chosen material. If replacing a roof, you will do a total tear off as opposed to a partial tear off when just making repairs.

Question and answer courtesy of a Marlton roofing contractor:

Do I need to be home for roofers to fix my roof?

You do not need to be home in order for roofers to start working on your roof. The foreman can answer all questions beforehand and over the phone. The workers don’t need to enter your home so being home isn’t imperative to a roof replacement. However, if you like to be home just in case a situation arises, most roofing companies will work with you on scheduling a time when you can be home.

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