Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Although many households have an electrician or plumber on their contact list, a roofer is not often part of this group. However, homeowners benefit greatly when they have a trusted roofer ready to help them during emergencies and basic maintenance. Start researching a Monmouth County roofing professional today to take all hiring factors into consideration. Not all contractors are equal in experience or professionalism.

Ask contractors about their years in business. Most quality establishments are proud of their experience, plastering the founding year on vehicles and letterhead. A company with more than five or 10 years of service is a perfectly legitimate contractor to work with consistently. Unless they have a stellar reputation, companies with questionable experience periods should be carefully evaluated.

With the online world becoming larger each day, take advantage of all the information by looking up roofing contractor reviews. Both positive and negative reviews can be looked over and analyzed. Try to take in all the information with an unbiased viewpoint. Many reviews are emotionally driven with a possible bias against the company. Look for any patterns, such as failure to clean up, across the reviews to have a well-rounded view. Even ask friends and family about their roofing professionals, too.

Look for a contractor who offers free estimates. These companies understand the value of their clients, providing a buffer to high prices with a free evaluation. Be aware that some companies do charge estimates, but this fact doesn’t make them any better or worse than other roofers. All estimates should be in writing, allowing homeowners to see all the materials and labor involved with the project. Underlayment, for example, should always be part of a reroofing estimate.

Quality roofers work with manufacturers directly, especially when it comes to materials. They should have some form of warranty to cover any possible defects in construction. Ask about warranties and specific coverage. There is often a limited warranty clause for some items so be aware of all rights and responsibilities. Customer-friendly contractors will go over all the legal jargon to ensure customers are well aware of warranty positions. Because roofing costs are relatively expensive, any warranty coverage is welcome to both customer and contractor.

A quality roofer helps homeowners with basic maintenance and potential issues during consistent appointments. Make it a point to set up at least two appointments each year for standard inspections. If an emergency does occur, they’re ready to serve all household needs in a hurry. Have a question regarding new gutters or new roofs? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

Term explained by Monmouth County NJ roofers Fortified Roofing:


Thin fabric sheet spread across a roof’s exposed surface before final roofing materials are added. It sheds water that may accidentally seep under shingles. Quality contractors replace this layer during reroofing projects to further protect the home from possible leaks.

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Do roofers require the entire payment upfront?

After a project has an approved estimate, roofers often ask for a percentage of the quoted amount. Be wary if a contractor suddenly asks for all the money up front. Questionable contractors may not show up at all after securing the funds from customers. The final cost is still yet to be determined and paying the balance fully comes after project completion.

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