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Maybe you’ve noticed that your car is not taken care of properly when it’s parked inside your garage. Your car has limited spaceprobably because some of your family members are using the garage as their one-stop shop to dump items which they’re no longer using (but are apparently still too precious to throw out). There is also extra furniture there a table and a couchbecause you’ve just purchase new ones. These pieces were used before, but are now just now collecting dust and constricting the space available for your car. These are the reasons why you want to turn your garage into a brand new car shed. You want this space to be used for your car and not as a storage space for useless items.

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No roof lasts forever. At some point, your roof may encounter issues that will require repairs or even a full replacement. Assuming the roof system was installed properly, the age of the roof will be the most obvious reason for needing attention.

A roof system may also require attention if the installation was not done by a knowledgeable and licensed contractor. As well, storm and tree damage can cause a roof to fail and need repairs. Basic maintenance, such as gutter cleaning and snow removal, will also impact the integrity of the roof and all the related components.

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One Simple Wish interview

Lately, a local roofer from Levittown, NJ, Fortified Roofing, has decided to help with the promotion of our local non-profit organizations. Their contribution to the community is of great importance, and they are inevitable for community’s growth and going forward.

One of the noblest things is helping children deprived in any way. They are very vulnerable and can not take care of themselves without the help of adults. One Simple Wish is an online platform which gives you the ability to buy presents for the children in need to make their little wishes come true. Take a look at the following interview, and reconsider of participating, so maybe you could make a little one happy!

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Fortified Roofing, a local professional roofing company from Sicklerville, New Jersey, has been working on a new project involving the promotion of local non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

We believe that through promoting and helping the ones in need, the world becomes a better place to live. For a start, we bring you the interview with A Place for All Hurting People (APFAHP), a local non-profit organization with many different projects launched to help the ones in need and to reduce poverty.

Fortified Roofing would like to give them the support to keep on with the good work and present their mission to more local people. Read about their projects, challenges, motivations and passion in the interview below, and reconsider if you could help somehow.

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Fortified Roofing, local roofers from Levittown, New Jersey, recently started a new local project with the goal to promote non-governmental and non-profit organizations from New Jersey. Therefore, we’ll be taking many short interviews so more people could find out about their existence and work.


In the following interview, read about The Alliance Center for Independence (ACI) who supports people with disabilities through different educational programs and many useful activities.


They love to meet new people and are always looking for more volunteers, so if you have any drive and will, joining their community could be a great mutual experience!

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Fortified Roofing is a local roofing company from Mt Laurel, New Jersey, specialized in repairing and replacing various roofing configuration. Recently, we began some local campaigns to promote many non-profit and non-governmental organizations situated in New Jersey.

We got a great idea, and that is to take a short interview so that everyone could hear about their existence. Today we spoke to The Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, Inc. who takes care of the abandoned pets and helps them in finding a new home.

During the conversation, we found out that they are always happy to meet the new volunteers. So, if you like animals and would like to help them out with many upcoming events, making toys and raising money, read this interview and contact the organization right after!

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Keeping Your Home Secure

Ten Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Security Alarm

If you are thinking about installing a security alarm, think no more! In our society, it has become normal, if not a must, to have a safety alarm. A home without one has much more prominent chances of getting broken into!

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Carlotta Spence
Director of Residential Services
Visions and Pathways

Q: What do you do exactly?

A: Director of Residential Services at Visions and Pathways
49 Brahma Avenue
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Q: Why do you do that?

A: To assist with housing homeless youth (ages of 13 -21 yo)

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The best time to replace a roof depends on a few variables. The first step is determining if the roof needs replacement or if a few repairs can prolong the life of the existing roof. If it is determined that you need a replacement, it is necessary to be mindful of the weather in your area. The final thing you must do is schedule your roofing contractor well in advance. Let’s review each of these aspects of roof replacement in more detail.

Does Your Roof need to be replaced?

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Why damaged fascia should be replaced before getting a new roof

A new roof can easily last 30 or more years, depending on the roof covering or the grade of shingles used, so it makes sense to have a sound substrate under the roof.  Any competent roofing contractor will repair damage to the roof deck (usually plywood or OSB sheathing) prior to installing a new roof.

The best roofing contractors will also inspect the structure for damaged fascia boards.  Depending on the extent of the damage, a roofing contractor may make the repairs themselves or

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