Protect Your Roof From Wind Damage

Gale-force winds can strike quickly and with little warning, tearing off your roofing shingles or blowing heavy debris onto your roof. During a severe storm, the wind can drive moisture beneath your roofing and into your home. However, you can take precautions to mitigate the effects of high winds before they strike your home.

Start with simple tasks that do not require structural changes to your existing roof. Look around your property and pinpoint tall trees that could be blown onto your roof during a severe storm. Trim branches that overhang your roof and remove those trees that could crush the structure should they be blown over.

If you can do so safely, inspect your roof for problem areas. If you don’t feel comfortable getting on the roof, call your Voorhees roofing contractor to take care of it as a professional can both identify and fix problems.

If some of the shingles on your roof are damaged, replace or repair them. The wind can lift up buckled or torn roofing and blow it away. Confirm that any roof penetrations, such as brick chimneys, are in good repair. Reaffix any loose bricks securely. Make sure that other roofing components, including the soffit, fascia, flashing and gutters, are secure.

Take steps to strengthen your home and roofing structurally before a windstorm strikes. In the past decade, hurricanes have done billions of dollars in damage to homes and other structures.

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Severe weather is likely to do less damage to a structurally sound building, so your precautionary investment is well worth it.

Make sure that the plywood deck of your roof is correctly installed and in good condition. You should be able to do this from an attic viewpoint. Check for nail tips coming through the decking that indicate they missed their mark and need to be better secured. Make sure the builders used properly sized nails rather than staples to affix the plywood to the trusses. Seal the seams between decking sections with a waterproof sealant.

Add extra bracing to roof trusses to help them withstand even hurricane strength gales. The original builders of your home may not have seen the need for the wind protection that changing weather patterns now require. Make sure that your trusses are firmly anchored to the structure of the home. Adding hurricane straps to secure the trusses to the walls will help. These metal brackets are easy to attach and make a good hedge against high winds.

If you have a gabled roof, brace the gable ends properly. Because of their surface area, the gable ends of a structure provide considerable resistance to wind gusts, and they are quite vulnerable to damage. As a simple bracing method, add studs in an “X” configuration on the interior of each gable end.

By preparing your home for impending windstorms, you can protect it from considerable damage. When high wind lifts a roof off a structure, this immediately exposes the interior to damage as well. Smart homeowners take the advance measures necessary to protect their homes and belongings. Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, skylight installation or new gutters.

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The soffit is the underside of a roof overhang or the finish pieces located beneath the eaves. The soffit often consists of materials that match the siding on the home or decorative materials such as tongue-in-groove wood pieces.

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How often should I check my roof for normal wear and tear?

Using environmentally friendly roofing will benefit your household in several ways. The runoff from your roof will not carry toxic chemicals into your garden or your groundwater, and recycled shingles generally last longer, saving you considerable funds during your occupancy in the home. Environmentally responsible manufacturing practices reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well to keep the air around you cleaner and the earth cooler.

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