Fixing Roof Leaks

Roof leaks don’t always happen in the form of drips that land on the floor or furniture. If you notice water stains on your ceiling, then you either have a leak or condensation problem. If it’s a condensation problem you will need to find the source and stop it from leaking onto the ceiling. If it’s an actual leak, you must find the source and figure out the best fix. While many homeowners can fix a small leak on their own, it’s never bad judgment to phone a professional. If you live in Voorhees roofing companies from your neighborhood will come and assess the leak and associated damage and then provide you with a quote. Some even offer financing. To prevent more serious water damage, you may want to temporarily patch it until a roofer arrives. Don’t delay. The sooner it is corrected the better for your home.

Many costly roof repairs happen either due to neglect and waiting too long after the problem began or because of a botched DIY repair job. While assessing it on your own can be enlightening, most people need the services of someone experienced in this niche. Read on for some helpful advice.

First, you need to determine how old the leak is so you know if you’re dealing with a newer problem or something that’s been leaking for awhile. A fresh stain is most often a small circular shape that doesn’t have a large span across the region. An older stain will have a number of circles that appear to get larger and lighter as the stain spans out. The middle part of stains are darker because that’s the oldest section. Each circle represents a separate leak occurrence.

If you notice a large stain of numerous sizes and colors or shades, then you are likely dealing with an older leak.

The next step is to locate the source of the leak. Unfortunately, roof leaks aren’t always simple to narrow down and identify. In a perfect world, yours would be located directly above the stain. This could be a small hole in the roof or a tiny hole in between the roof and flashing. In most cases, though, the source isn’t located directly above the water stain. You will need to inspect your entire roof, being careful not to damage any its structure. You might or may not notice the source of the leak upon inspection. When looking for a leak, look for damp areas on the roof, damage to the roof, rusted or worn parts of the flashing, and missing shingles or exposed felt.

Once you find damage or deterioration, you can begin making repairs. If it’s something simple like bent / ruined flashing, you can use some roofing tar or sealing tape to stop up the leak until you can get it professionally fixed. If you have major issues, you may want to opt for a tarp until a roofer can come out. This will prevent further leakage into your home, and it will also mark the spot for the pro. Missing shingles can easily be replaced, but if there is spoilage to the roof beyond the shingling you can use tape or nails to temporarily replace that shingle.

With any major home repair job, only attempt something on your own if you’re comfortable with the scope of the repair and an understanding of how to make the correction without causing further damage. Professional roofers can usually schedule in a repair within a matter of days, so it’s best to work l with a roofing company when trying to assess the extent of water damage and how to fix it. Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, new roofs or roof repairs.

Common term explained by Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ:

Water damage

This is damage done to a permanent structure, such as a roof, from water settling in one area. Water damage can cause wood rot, rusting, mildew or mold growth, and destruction of laminated materials. Water damage should be addressed as soon as possible and is preventable with proper roof maintenance and repairs.

Question and answer courtesy of a Voorhees roofers, Fortified Roofing:

How long does it take to replace or repair a roof?

The majority of roofing projects can be completed in a day if the contracting crew is a large one. The size of the roof and the management of the roofing team determine the overall speed of project completion. The larger or steeper the roof’s pitch, the longer a project will take. The weather also determines how quickly a roofing project can take, since inclement weather can delay a roof project by days or weeks.

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