Why Replace A Skylight

Skylights add beauty, style and a great view of the sky. They make for a nice addition to a home, but even a modern, high-quality skylight won’t last forever. Some develop leaks or cracks or allow drafts into the house, and they sometimes need replacing along with a new roof installation. A Toms River roofing professional can examine a skylight and help homeowners understand when and why it needs replacing.

A crack in the window pane of a skylight is an eyesore and a potential opening for water leaks. Seeing water on or around the window is also a sign of leakage, but the water may be condensation commonly seen on single-glazed skylights that are located in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Skylight leaks are not always as obvious as water on the surface or around the edges. The source of the water may be near the window or quite far away.

Weather seals around the window may be faulty, allowing leakage. Leaves and other roof debris could block water from draining, allowing it pool under shingles and make its way to the skylight. Leaks around vent flashing often travel to various areas of the roof, including skylights. Evidence of a leaky skylight includes visible water, water stains on the ceiling and bubbling or discolored drywall near the ceiling with the skylight.

Drafts coming from the skylight are also evidence that the window or its seal are compromised.

Even though a skylight is working properly, it may need replacing during a new roof installation. Shingles, roofing felt, nails and flashing removed during the re-roofing project disturbs the area around a skylight, causing potential leaks. A tear-off may also reveal damage to skylights or areas around them. Sometimes, the entire skylight needs to be removed as part of the re-roofing process. Once the skylight is back in place, it may not be as secure as the original installation. Removing and reinstalling the skylight may also compromise a skylight warranty that is still in effect.

Whether it’s a crack in the window or a malfunctioning seal or it’s because the house is getting a new roof, replacing a skylight is a big decision. Before going forward, Toms River homeowners should contact a roofing professional for a thorough examination of the skylight. Professional roofers know exactly where to look and what to look for in determining skylight damage, and they know the best way to handle window replacement. The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Toms River NJ can answer your questions about new roofs or roof repairs.

Roofing term provided by Fortified Roofing, Toms River NJ:

Single-glazed skylights

Single-glazed skylights have a single layer of glass or plastic coating over the window pane. Skylight glazing is made of glass more often because it offers a clearer view. Glazing is either single, double or triple.

Toms River roofing contractor Fortified Roofing answer a question:

Is repairing a skylight an option?

Some damaged or compromised skylights need replacement, while others may only need a bit of repair work. Determining which method is best requires a close inspection from the rooftop and possibly the ceiling. Because some damage is hard to detect, it’s best to let a professional do a proper inspection and recommend whether to repair or replace a skylight.

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