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Roof maintenance is an essential part of keeping a home or building in good condition. Just like the foundation, the entire structure of a home suffers if the roof is not kept in shape. Roof maintenance is important for those looking to remodel their home, those wanting to sell their home and those who simply want to keep their home or business in the best condition. If you make a habit of keeping your roof in good condition, this will decrease your chances of needing repairs in the future. Instead of waiting until something goes wrong, stay safe and keep it maintained on a regular basis.

You should have your roof inspected by a reputable Toms River roofing company before you have any replacements or repairs made. Inspections are also important when buying or selling your home because you need to know well ahead of time if there is any damage present. Potential home buyers won’t just look at the interior of the home or the design of the outside. They will check every inch of the home to make sure it meets their standards, and the roof is no exception.

A well-maintained roof is a significant selling point that indicates a structure in good condition. Interested buyers may also have their own inspections made, so you want to avoid the hassle of finding out there are problems with the roof after you’ve already received a promising offer for the home.

Having maintenance performed on your roof on a regular basis will extend the life of your structure. It will also help you avoid damage that will lead to repairs down the line. If you have a new roof installed at some point, the cost will be reduced to replace the old one if it’s kept maintained. Having regular inspections will also leave you prepared for sudden weather emergencies or extreme changes in temperature. Rooftops that aren’t cared for suffer under such conditions and are more likely to end up severely damaged. This can mean relocating for a home that suffers from gaps in the roof or temporarily closing a business that suffers from leaks due to damaged ballasts.

Just like homes, commercial buildings should be inspected at least twice a year. These semi-annual inspections help maximize the life of the roof in addition to protecting warranties on roof materials. Inspections also reduce the costs that would come with replacements by stopping damage from worsening and causing damage to the structure and materials below the roof. The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Toms River NJ can answer your questions about skylights or gutters.

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A ballast is a material installed on top of a roof structure to securely keep it in place. These are most often found on top of commercial buildings due to their flat nature. Ballasts are laid loosely, and they may be comprised of aggregate or concrete.

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If my roof leaks, does it need to be completely replaced?

Leaking may be the result of some of the roof’s structural components coming loose or spot damage. In contrast, a roof failure is usually irreversible and needs to be fixed. Roof failures are often the result of poor choice of materials, inappropriate matching or improper installation. If your roof leaks, you should schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible to have the condition properly analyzed.

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