Metal Roofing

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular option for new roofs, especially due to its reputation for longevity and attractive curb appeal. Metal roofing can last far longer than asphalt shingles, so it is an option that many Toms River roofing customers may wish to consider. However, there are some potential disadvantages to metal roofing which the homeowner should consider as well. A consultation with your professional roofing contractor will help you to learn which roofing material will be the best option for the roof of your home.

Metal roofing provides many advantages, including the ability to withstand nearly any type of weather condition while keeping the home cozy and dry. Rain easily drains quickly from a metal roof, and snow can melt and slide off a roof very efficiently as well. Metal roofing can be obtained in various levels of quality, including roofing with fire resistance and the ability to withstand a hail storm without damage. Metal roofing comes in many different colors and finishes including the look of natural cedar shakes or stone. It is a very attractive roofing options for many homeowners. It can be expensive, but the durability and longevity it provides easily justify the additional cost.

The disadvantages of metal roofing can start with the expense.

Although it is balanced by metal roofing’s durability, it can be out of reach for many homeowners. Metal roofing is also typically more difficult – and more expensive – to install. Although metal roofing provides optimum weather protection in most situations, it can be very noisy during a rain storm or hail storm. A layer of soundproofing insulation along the roof may be required, which can add to the cost.

Another disadvantage of metal roofing is that it can trap rising moisture and water vapor which will turn to liquid as the roof cools during the night. This can create damage and eventually cause the decking and trusses to become rotten and weak. Installing an adequate ventilation system is very important with a metal roof.

Although there are some disadvantages to metal roofing, there are many important advantages that should be carefully considered as well. Many of the potential issues can be addressed with professional installation and thoughtfully designed ventilation systems. Taking the time to consult with your professional roofing contractor to determine which type of roofing material is the best choice for your home will help you to make wise decisions for the future of your home. The roofing contractors at Fortified Roofing of Toms River NJ can answer your questions about new roofs or skylights.

Term explained by Fortified Roofing, roofing contractors of Toms River NJ:


Decking is a layer of flat material – typically plywood – that is laid along the surface of the roof. It provides an attachment point for roofing felt, shingles and other materials to be attached to the surface of the roof.

Roofing contractors of Toms River NJ, Fortified Roofing answer a question:

Can high winds damage roofing materials?

Any type of roofing materials can be peeled up by extremely high winds, especially during a severe weather event such as a tornado or hurricane. Metal roofing can be purchased that provides wind resistance, with a heavy-duty attachment system to provide additional structure and support. If you live in an extremely windy location, your professional roofer can recommend roofing materials that will be suitable for your home.

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