Proper Roofing Contracts

A reroofing project is a large investment for any home regardless of its size. Besides choosing the new roofing material, there are different installation options to consider. Homeowners often receive several estimates to evaluate before selecting the final Monmouth County roofing professional. Although the quote is the most important item on the contract initially, it is essential to list out all required services and parts as well to ensure a clear agreement is made between contractor and customer.

Customers are given their quote for approval, but the final contract should have more details than just a round number. Look for all the materials to be listed specifically with item descriptions and quantities. Labor rates and an estimated time of completion should be on the contract. Find out when workers will be on the property. If their start time is too early for the household on a Saturday, for example, alter the contract terms before agreeing to the project.

One item often overlooked with homeowners is the final cleanup. The job itself is the number one priority, but when a mess accumulates in the yard from old roofing materials, cleanup responsibilities take center stage. Make sure the contractor is listed as the cleanup crew or an outside company. Old roofing material must be placed in a dumpster and hauled off to the proper waste management facility.

Although it’s a rare choice for contractors or customers, termination clauses are smart to add to the contract. If any of the parties don’t adhere to the contract stipulations, there is literally a way out of the binding agreement. Add any refunds to this clause area to cover possible expenses up to that point. Contracts are difficult to break without this clause.

Most homeowners have done their homework regarding a roofer’s background by the contract stage, but be sure to find the contractor’s license number on the contract.

Go over the payment terms within the contract. Most roofers use a percentage scale to charge customers, including 10 percent down and increments of 10 or 20 percent as the job continues. All payments should equal the final quote amount. Also note if any interest charges are added. Most contractors don’t charge these fees to retain customer loyalty, however.

Don’t feel obligated to sign the first draft of a contract. Ask as many questions as necessary if there are concerns about any wording or sections. Sit down with the roofer to fully understand everyone’s part during the project. With everyone on the same page, the project can proceed unimpeded.

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