Is an Ice Shield Necessary?

Everyone knows that water is the roof’s worst enemy. Given that a roof’s main job is to protect the home against the elements, it’s not surprising that the roofing material manufacturers are coming up with are more and more sophisticated products in order to better help your roof do its job. Professional roofers, such as Ocean County Roofing, have a variety of products to protect roofs and provide peace of mind. An ice and water shield is one of the best of these options when designing a new roof.

Water, particularly wind driven rain, can be a challenge to roofs in the Pacific Northwest, Florida, and other parts of the temperate South. In the Northeast and upper Midwest, snow, ice and melting water are the main problems. Quality shingles and workmanship will go a long way towards combating these problems, but an ice and water shield is a wise investment when installing a new roof in all but the mildest of climates.

The leak barrier, such as GAF’s StormGuard and WeatherWatch, is designed to protect the most vulnerable areas of the roof from water. These products are best applied at the eaves, valleys and rake edges. For complete protection, they should also be applied anywhere there is flashing such skylights, dormer windows, vent pipes and chimneys.

Compared to the potential cost of repairs, adding this protection to a new roof is a minimal expense.

These leak barriers are split back films that peel off in sections to allow for quick and easy installation. Their fiberglass reinforcement resists wrinkling and buckling and makes for a smoother roof appearance. As with most modern roofing products, quality ice and water shields come with a lengthy warranty against damage or defect.

Because of the way in which it is installed, it is not possible to retrofit an ice and water shield to an existing roof. They can only be applied to the under surface of the roof before the shingles are installed. If a new roof isn’t needed anytime soon, but there is still concern about ice and water seeping, it is worth calling a reputable, professional roofing company. There are other solutions available which may work, and they will have a number of recommendations for any budget. Good maintenance is always the most important thing anyone can do to minimize damage and extend the life of their roof, and a good roofer can always help with that. The roofers from Fortified Roofing in Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about skylights or new roofs.

Common roofers term explained by the experts at Fortified Roofing in Ocean County NJ:


The bottom edge of the roof, which often overhangs the wall of the house, is known as a home’s eave. The eaves are some of the most vulnerable parts of the roof and need special protection as well as regular inspections and maintenance. Because of their location and proximity to gutters, they are often the source of water leaks.

The professionals in Ocean County NJ answer a roofing FAQ:

Will an ice shield protect against all ice damage?

Unfortunately, an ice and water shield is designed to prevent the entry of water into the house caused by ice or other persistent elements such as driven rain. It will not prevent damage to shingles caused by ice dams, but it will prevent leaks. Regular maintenance and professional inspections in addition to an ice shield are the best and most reliable ways of maintaining the integrity of a roof, maximizing its lifespan.

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