Shingle Overlay Benefits

Homeowners may have seen roof installations on nearby homes, complete with extensive removal procedures. Detaching shingles and underlayment from a structure is time consuming, and it requires certain necessary procedures to dispose of the waste. When homeowners speak to Monmouth County Roofing professionals, they might want to discuss shingle overlay options. By leaving the old roofing materials on and installing new shingles over them, homeowners have a beneficial rooftop with many advantages.

A quality shingle overlay adds another protective layer to the roof. The roof deck, underlayment, roofing nails and shingles combine to stop leaks from moving into the interior. If a shingled roof was reaching the end of its protective life, an overlay rejuvenates the leak protection. There’s another strong layer of asphalt shingles ready to direct water down into the gutter system. Homeowners should note, however, that overlays can only be two layers in most regions. Theoretically, homeowners couldn’t continue to add roof layers over the years.

Because no removal processes are necessary, shingle overlays reduce time and cost for a roof project. Contractors can begin immediately on an installation instead of concentrating on careful material removal and disposal.

Depending on the roof’s complexity, installation times could be effectively cut in half with an overlay option. In addition, labor costs aren’t as high with an overlay choice, so homeowners see a much smaller installation bill in the end.

An aspect of shingle overlay that’s often overlooked is the roof aesthetic. An overlay adds depth to the roof’s appearance, giving it a three-dimensional look. Although the shingles lay flush against the roof, they’re still raised slightly because of the shingle stacking beneath it. Giving the home a brand new aesthetic benefits the curb appeal if homeowners are planning to sell soon.

Shingle overlays still offer the same warranty coverage as a standard installation, encouraging homeowners to proceed with an estimate before the roof has major leak issues. Contractors usually offer their workmanship warranty while manufacturers stand behind their products if defects occur. If homeowners can afford a shingle overlay, they should try this option to preserve their home for decades of leak-free protection.

Homeowners must ask their chosen contractor about overlay procedures before a roofing agreement is signed. Some professionals don’t offer this service, so narrow down the selection to about three or four different professionals. When roofers understand homeowners’ needs, they can devise an installation plan that’s perfectly fit for the structure and budget. Have a question regarding new roofs or roof repairs? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

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Roofing nails

These fasteners are specialized nails designed for roofing material installation. Nails can be of standard length for basic shingle removal and installation projects, but they are also available in longer lengths. These long nails are perfectly suited for shingle overlay projects where the materials are much thicker than normal.

Question and answer from Monmouth County roofing contractor Fortified Roofing:

Are there any drawbacks to shingle overlay projects?

The only major disadvantage to overlay installations is deck inspection. When roofers remove shingles and underlayment completely, they can examine the roof sheathing and repair it as necessary. An overlay process doesn’t reveal the sheathing, making it crucial to have roofers inspect the roof in alternative ways. Examining the attic, for instance, is one way to verify that the deck is strong and leak-free.

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