Winter Maintenance Tips

Homeowners should always perform regular maintenance to keep their houses structurally safe during the winter season. If inclement weather is left unchecked, it can cause damage to the homeowner’s property, growing worse over time. The home’s roof is particularly susceptible to such seasonal damage, and Middlesex County roofers encourage all homeowners to perform some of these following maintenance procedures to help mitigate or prevent potential damage.

It is important to get started with the gutters, downspouts and fascia. Because these are among the most fragile sections of the roof, they are usually the first to be harmed by harsh winter weather. Heavy winds are another large seasonal issue that homeowners should watch out for. When they are particularly prevalent, it is easy to notice shingles coming loose and detaching from the roof. To safeguard against such damage, it is strongly encouraged to visually check the roof after heavy winds to see if there are any shingles that are damaged or missing.

During the early half of the winter season, homeowners are encouraged to watch out for frost. As snow and ice begin to build, it is vital to periodically check for ice blocking sections of the gutter.

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When ice and snow dam up inside of the gutters, they can prevent them from working properly. Some roofers install heating elements inside downspouts to help them melt the snow and encourage better drainage.

For flatter sections of the roof, it is recommended to apply a watertight coating along the rooftop’s surface. This will help keep the snow from penetrating into the material, keeping the rest of the home safe. If the snow is allowed to build, it may end up causing damage to the roof’s structure itself. Homeowners should be sure to address any snow concerns as soon as they appear and to take care of any other debris that may be building up on their rooftops as well.

How regularly the homeowner should stay on top of maintenance procedures usually depends on how severe the weather is. If the winter is milder and more enjoyable, it may not be necessary to perform that much maintenance around the roof, especially if a professional has already handled the vast majority of the concerns. On the other hand, if the winter is particularly stormy, it is important for the homeowners to perform periodic checks to notice the appearance of any seasonal damage. Small problems can quickly grow into big ones if they are not handled in a timely fashion. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding new roofs or roof repairs.

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The fascia refers to the part of the building that is situated vertically underneath the edge of a roof. It is usually a frieze or a band that contains the gutter system and attaches to the downspout.

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Does the company help with snow removal?

Snow removal services are a standard part of the rooftop cleaning package that the company provides. No matter whether the homeowner needs snow cleared from a flat roof, snow damage assessed or heating elements installed along the roof, the company makes sure that all of the customer’s needs are handled for the season.

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