Spring Cleaning A Roof

Winter can be harsh on a roof, and the end of that season is the perfect time to inspect a roof for damage or possible maintenance issues before the harshness of summer arrives. Spotting these problems now allows area homeowners to save money by calling in professional Middlesex County roofers as early as possible. In addition, if this kind of spring cleaning is performed on an annual basis, homeowners can maximize the lifespans of their roofs.

Early spring is also an excellent time to perform a thorough cleaning of a home’s gutters. Although a majority of roof issues can be spotted from the ground, gutter cleaning provides an even better vantage. Look for branches and other large objects, areas where sand and dirt may have collected and indications of moisture. Staining on a roof is usually nothing more than an unsightly byproduct of humidity, but if a homeowner has never noticed stains before, then they should have a professional inspect them.

Perform a scan of all shingles. Shingles are laid down in a pattern, and the homeowner should look for consistency in that pattern.

An irregular line, for instance, can be an indication of shingles being moved out of place due to a leak or other problem. Pay particularly close attention to shingles that are cracked, torn, otherwise damaged or missing entirely. Most roofs will require a handful of shingles replaced every several years or so, and having that job done immediately can avoid big maintenance costs later on.

Flashing and similar items, such as pipe boots and vent seals, are areas very likely to experience short-term wear and tear. Visibly inspect that all flashing is intact and seated properly. If the flashing is metal, look for signs of rust, which should be dealt with immediately. If a boot or similar item is showing signs of age, those should be replaced immediately. Flashing and boots often need to be sealed using caulking or another agent. Inspect those seals to ensure that they are not peeling up or that the material is not breaking down, which can happen due to weathering.

Finally, while cleaning the gutters, inspect the nearby area closely. The board behind the gutter is particularly important to roof condition, and should be repainted or replaced immediately if it shows signs of damage. If the homeowner notices that the gutters and downspouts are substantially clogged, then investing in gutter guards can help to maintain the roof as well. The roofers at Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding gutters or skylights.

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Caulking is a material used to seal seams and joints. On roofs, this kind of sealant is commonly used to seal the edges of and the seams between flashing, boots, vents and similar objects.

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What causes roof stains?

Shingle stains are generally caused by algae, which is prevalent in humid areas. Stained shingles can be cleaned professionally using a mixture of water, bleach and a heavy-duty cleaning agent. A bleach-water mixture can be used as a preventive measure. A more permanent preventive measure involves installing copper- or zinc-coated sheet metal below the ridgeline of the roof.

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