The Roof Is Leaking

The reason for a leaking roof is not always obvious. It is sometimes a mistake to assume that the leak is coming from directly above where the water is dripping into the home. Once water seeps past the flashing, chimney or dormer, it can wind its way along the underside of the roof before finding a spot where it can make its way past the ceiling. For that reason, homeowners should always call Middlesex County roofers to come out and inspect it.

Professional roofers will often start their inspection by checking for obvious signs of trouble such as opened chimneys, roof holes, curled or missing shingles and gutter issues. From there, they will begin to fine-tune the search. The flashing is often a good place to start as water can easily slip past those metal strips when they’re corroded or damaged. Since flashing is used to cover, protect and hide seams, it should always be used around dormers, valleys and wherever the roof touches a wall. If flashing is missing, that could definitely be the problem.

Another area that competent roofers will check out is a skylight.

If there is water anywhere along the downside of the skylight, it could possibly be leaking. The same reasoning applies for dormers and chimneys. Water often collects on the top of the chimney. From there, it can trickle down the side of the brick wall and manage to seep past the slightest crack in the caulking or flashing.

In fact, flashing issues are often the cause when it comes to leaking chimneys or dormers, but a corner of the dormer could also be rotting or there could be a problem with the siding. Wind during rainstorms can blow moisture into unsealed areas. That could be especially problematic if the flashing slid down past the siding. Another source of leakage could be from a crack in the chimney’s cement crown. Even hairline fractures in the cement should be fixed right away to keep them from expanding.

When installed by a reliable roofing company, shingle damage isn’t as common, but shingles can crack, wear thin, curl or fall off. Shingle caps along ridges and peaks are prone to wind damage. Nails that haven’t been sealed properly can also leak. With so many different ways a roof can leak, it can be a tedious job of discovery, but hiring a professional contractor can make finding the leak quicker and easier. The roofers at Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding roof repairs or skylights.

Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ defines a common roofers term:


Any structural element that protrudes from the sloping roof surface. Generally, dormers have windows and walls. They also have a roof of their own. Their purpose is to let light into the attic and improve circulation and ventilation.

The roofers at Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ answer a common question:

What causes the chimney’s crown to crack?

When homeowners use their fireplace, it causes the chimney to heat up and then cool down. Water absorbed by the chimney crown can repeatedly freeze and thaw. The repetitive expansion and contraction can cause the cement crown to crack. Other possibilities are improper crown installation, using brick and mortar instead of cement or improper sealing techniques.

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