Inspecting A Roof

There are many problems that could affect a roof. If a home is at an advanced age and the roof is approaching up to 20 years, it is good to have it inspected by Middlesex County roofers Middlesex County roofers. A degraded roof can cause problems to a home’s structural integrity and affect the health of those residing in the building. For the most part, the inspection process is simple and involves just a few observations around a home.

The first sign of problems of an aging roof is in the shingles. Most houses have asphalt shingles, which last about 20 to 40 years depending on the quality of the shingles and the climate. When these start to degrade, there will be chips that fall off the roof. These chips look much like pieces of sandpaper. They are slightly rubbery and brittle, breaking apart easily at any stress. A professional should be called immediately if a homeowner finds any signs of these chips surrounding the home. After a while of this degradation, the damaged shingles can lead to even more problems.

Following shingle degradation, the roofing itself could begin to suffer problems. This commonly comes in the form of wood rot. If the wood of the house’s framing becomes wet or damp over a long period of time without ventilation that would allow for evaporation, the wood will begin to rot.

Over time, the rot will spread and affect the house and the house’s residents. If the house is put under weight, such as during the winter with ice and snow, it could collapse with the stress. Wood rot can also cause problems to anyone living in the home who has asthma.

Any signs of damage to the wooden framing of the roof can be identified in the attic of the house. The most common sign of this damage comes in the form of light shafts that shine though. Improper insulation can also lead to snow melting in the wintertime, which will lead to further spread of water and dampness in the roof. It is important to check for any of these problems when inspecting a home before calling a professional.

In any case, a home should be inspected by a roofing contractor at least once a year. This will ensure that any of the above problems are taken care of before they become advanced and more expensive. Once a roof has been inspected, a contractor can make an estimate and assess that the home is safe. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding new roofs or gutters.

Term explained by the roofers at Fortified Roofing, Middlesex County NJ:

Wood rot

Wood rot is a common problem in wooden structures. The wooden framing of a building becomes an environment for organisms when it gets wet. Over time, these organisms will eat away at the wood and cause the building’s structural integrity to become compromised.

Question and answer courtesy of Middlesex County roofers Fortified Roofing:

What time of the year should a homeowner have the roof inspected?

A roof should be inspected during the driest times of the year. During this time, a contractor can identify problems before they form. If there have been snowstorms in the area, the roof should also be inspected at the end of the winter. Rain, wind and snow all cause erosion to a roof.

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