How To Find A Roofing Contractor

Finding a roofing contractor for major repairs or maintenance is not as hard as it appears. Contractor websites, social media outlets and consumer reviews ease the burden for those with little experience in the construction industry. Middlesex county roofers meet the quality demands of customers in need of complex repairs at fair prices. Consumers also have the luxury of free estimates from many roofers in Middlesex. However, homeowners need some guidance before deciding whom to hire for their roofing needs.

First off, homeowners should determine whether roofers carry the necessary licensing, bonding and insurance requirements. Homeowners should ask potential contractors for their license numbers and verify them with the Department of Professional Regulation for that area. Customers should ask contractors for professional references and any projects they completed in the region. Homeowners must not forget to ask for documentation showing how many years of experience a business has in the industry. Customers can visit a roofing contractor’s website if they have one. Contractor licensing websites are a great source of information for homeowners looking to find reputable roofing companies.

Homeowners must not overlook the importance of a full-length proposal. Reputable roofers provide extensive detail in their proposals, such as how many men work on the roof, start and stop times, and the estimated completion date. Professional roofers outline the necessary materials, products and services required to finish each job according to the initial estimate.

Customers can narrow contractor searches even further by looking at their cleanup techniques and the safety measures used for each project.

Potential customers should not limit contractor searches to one company. They should obtain multiple estimates and ask each company for a detailed proposal. If any roofing contractor does not offer a detailed proposal, it is time to move on to the next contractor. One of the worst mistakes homeowners make involves hiring contractors that offer the lowest prices. Although low prices and fair estimates are a part of the goal, it must not determine a homeowner’s decision to hire any contractor. A company’s reputation and experience outweighs the lowest available price.

Finally, homeowners should ask about the workmanship warranties roofing contractors offer. Aside from traditional warranties on the products used for the project, homeowners should determine what type of warranties roofers offer regarding the quality of work. It’s best to find out which warranties cover leaks, storm damage, gutter repairs and poor installation. Reputable professionals will sign an ironclad guarantee protecting a new roof from any unforeseen damage. A home cannot survive without a properly installed roof, so property owners must not ignore how important it is to hire the best roofing contractor. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding gutters or roof repairs.

Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ defines a common roofers term:

Workmanship warranties

A workmanship warranty guarantees the actual work performed by the roofing contractor, which is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty. Contractors typically offer coverage from storm damage, poor craftsmanship or installation and minor repairs.

Middlesex County roofers FAQ:

What if a leak occurs because of poor craftsmanship?

Homeowners who obtain warranties covering craftsmanship prior to installation have the right to ask roofing companies to repair any leaks that occur after installation. If a roofing contractor denies the repair, the company then violates the terms of the warranty, and the homeowner has the right to pursue legal action against the roofer.

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