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There are plenty of ways to update one’s home. The most common way to upgrade a home is to make it greener and more environmentally friendly. This shows that a home is not only helping the homeowner save money but also that he or she cares for the environment. Middlesex County roofers can help explore options into green roofing to help update a home and save its residents money.

The cheapest way to upgrade a roof is simply by changing the color of the roof’s shingles. Many American homes have asphalt shingles in dark colors that range from light brown to black. These dark colors absorb light and cause the house to heat up as a result. A way to prove this is to simply go into an attic. The attic is usually much warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. A homeowner may opt for a green, energy-efficient roof by the time it comes around to replace the old roof. Choosing a lighter color of asphalt shingles, along with a biodegradable or recyclable type of shingle, will help take a step in the right direction. White shingles reflect the sun’s light instead of absorbing it. This helps a home keep cool and eventually saves on electricity by reducing the need to use the air conditioning.

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A second way to help a home become more energy efficient is by installing photovoltaic tiles on the roof. Photovoltaic tiles are installed above the regular shingles of the roof and sealed in place to keep water from seeping underneath. These tiles range in colors to match the roof they are installed on and definitely add to curb appeal. Photovoltaic tiles absorb the sun’s light and convert it to energy. The efficiency of this energy absorption can be proven by simply touching the tiles. Despite the fact that they absorb the heat of the sun, they are never hot because they convert the energy quickly. The converted electricity can then be used to power the home. This helps save money in the summer because the electricity that is generated makes up for the added costs of running the air conditioning. In the winter, the electricity that is not used may be sold back to the city in some areas, producing a small profit.

Whatever a homeowner chooses, there should be no regret in going green. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also comes with equal or greater benefits to the homeowner as well. The roofers at Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding skylights or new roofs.

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Photovoltaic is the name of a substance that produces energy when exposed to light. It is an easy way to harvest light as a readily available renewable resource. For the most part, this type of energy generation works more in places that get less rain and more sun.

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How do I know if I can sell electricity generated from solar power?

Not all ceramic shingles are created equally. While the material itself is very advantageous, there are still differences between products in terms of durability and overall quality. Professionals can help homeowners determine what products will best suit their needs in accordance to their available budget and the degree of maintenance they are willing to keep up with.

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