Emergency Roofing Repairs

When a storm hits, strong winds could cause roof shingles to blow away or severe hail could punch holes through exterior roof materials. Once a roof becomes compromised, there is the possibility of leaks. Should serious damage occur to a roof, trusted Middlesex County roofers can assist with emergency repairs until permanent repairs can be made. The goal is to bring a home back to a watertight condition as soon as possible and avoid any further damage to the roof or structure.

Immediately following a storm, there two quick repairs that may be made to the roof, depending on the severity of the damage. For example, if the roof material has small holes that were made by hail or other debris, aluminum flashing may be used to replace a broken shingle for a short time. The flashing should be replaced as soon as possible with permanent shingles.

If the roof has sustained substantial damage, a large tarp may be draped over the ridge. Every grommet should be fastened directly to the roof sheathing. While this should only be used as a temporary fix, it is likely that it may take a while before a contractor can complete the necessary repairs. As such, a tarp can be used for a longer period if 5/8 inch exterior grade plywood is laid down over the sheathing first.

The tarp’s edges should also be secured with 1 inch by 3 inch strapping prior to being screwed or nailed down.

These emergency repairs can be performed by homeowners or building maintenance; however, it is recommended that these repairs should not be attempted until after the bad weather has passed. Additionally, those who go up on the roof following the storm should exercise extreme caution as the roof may have sustained damage that may not be visible. Homeowners should also be aware that going up on the roof is dangerous without the proper safety equipment. A roofer may be available to assist with emergency repairs until they have the labor and the resources needed to make permanent repairs.

It is important to remember that the repairs should be temporary. While they can protect the roof from further damage for a short period, damage to the roof will continue if permanent repairs are not made in a timely manner. Once the roof has been protected with a tarp or with the temporary flashing, arrangements should be made with the local contractors to provide the proper permanent repairs. The roofers at Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding skylights or gutters.

Term explained by the roofers from Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ:

Aluminum Flashing

Flashing is a thin piece of metal that is installed on a roof to keep water or moisture from entering into the home’s envelope. Flashing is installed in valleys and around chimneys and pipes.

Question and answer courtesy of the roofers from Fortified Roofing in Middlesex County NJ:

How long does it take to repair or replace a roof after it has been damaged by a storm?

The time it can take to repair or replace a roof depends on the severity of the damage and the type of roofing materials that were used in addition to the weather. In general, it may take between two days and two weeks to complete a roofing project.

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