Common Roofing Problems

All homeowners should regularly inspect their roof to make sure that there are no problems with its structure. Poor maintenance is the greatest cause of rooftop damage. Even with regular maintenance, damage can appear immediately after a particularly harsh environmental occurrence. Other times, roof problems happen more gradually but may be easily spotted with regular checkups. Even with a yearly inspection from Middlesex county roofers, homeowners should keep their eyes open for signs of roof damage.

Leaks and moisture damage are among the most common roofing issues homeowners face. If a leak goes undetected, it can cause structural damage to the walls and foundation. Leaks and moisture damage can affect many types of shingles and appear from a variety of causes. Flashing details that were not secured correctly during the installation is a common source of leaks. Sometimes, leaks may also appear after single ply membrane surfaces are poorly installed. If the membranes are not heat welded correctly, they will be weak at the seams, resulting in moisture problems.

Poorly installed flashing can also lead to blow offs and tenting. Shingles with open seams can blow away and can result in a variety of other problems when a large enough section of roof is left bare and damaged. Sometimes, poor gravel embedding may result in similar problems.

As the membrane underneath becomes exposed, the likelihood of punctures increases. Wind uplift resistance may also be decreased if the shingles are not installed properly. When the adhesive materials are not given enough time to set, the entire roofing system may be affected.

Ventilation concerns should be addressed immediately as well. While this is not often considered, roof and attic ventilation plays a vital role in helping the roof last. Vents can be easily maintained if carefully placed at the roof’s base and top. This allows cool air to be drawn into the area through the bottom and warm air to be released through the top. Because the warm air rises naturally and equilibrium keeps cool air flowing, there is no real need for any mechanical system to help this process along. However, if the area beneath the roof is not properly ventilated, heat and moisture can build up, which will cause damage to the shingles and rafters. In particularly severe situations, poor ventilation can lead to the development of mildew and mold, which can become airborne and create a health hazard for the property’s residents. Care should always be taken to make sure that the ventilation sections are unobstructed and allowed to work as required. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding roof repairs or gutters.

Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ defines a common roofers term:

Wind uplift

This term refers to the upward section of force as it is produced when wind blows against or around an object or structure. In the case of roofing, wind uplift is carefully directed to keep the pressure off the system.

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Do roofing companies address ventilation issues?

The time it can take to repair or replace a roof depends on the severity of the damage and the type of roofing materials that were used in addition to the weather. In general, it may take between two days and two weeks to complete a roofing project.

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