History of the Hamilton Township

Hamilton, New Jersey

Hamilton, incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 11, 1842, is a township in Mercer County, in the US State of New Jersey.

New Jersey is the fourth-smallest, 11th-most populous and the most densely populated of the 50 United States.


It derives its name from the village of Hamilton Square, whose name may be in honor of Alexander Hamilton, an American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
The township, which had a total population of 88,464 according to 2010 United States Census, is located within the New York metropolitan area.
Bordering the Philadelphia metropolitan area, the township, which had 87,109 people in the 2000 Census, is part of the Federal Communications Commission’s Philadelphia Designated Market Area. You can check most famous people born or associated with Hamilton, NJ.

Safest city

Morgan Quitno, a research, and publishing company, which compiles books with statistics of crime rates, health care, education, and other categories, ranking cities and states in the United States, ranked Hamilton Township as the eighteenth-safest city out of 369 cities nationwide in 2016.
The company had ranked it as the 15th safest of 354 cities surveyed nationwide in its 11th Annual America’s Safest (and Most Dangerous) Cities in 2005.

Governance structure

Hamilton Township, one of the largest townships in New Jersey, falls under the Fourth Congressional District and New Jersey’s 14th state legislative district.

  • A mayor and a five-member township council make up the township’s government.
  • The mayor and council members are all elected representatives serving four-year terms of office.
  • The residents choose them over four years where the mayor and two township council members seek a new mandate and then the three other town council seats come up to vote two years later.
  • The council members then pick two of their colleagues as a president and vice president an annual reorganization meeting for a one-year term.
  • The elected representatives govern the township under the Faulkner Act, formally known as the Optional Municipal Charter Law.
  • That is under the Mayor-Council Plan E system of New Jersey municipal government, as implemented on January 1, 1976, based on the recommendations of a Charter Study Commission.


The township had a total area of 40.387 square miles (104.602 square kilometers), according to the United States Census Bureau.

Out of this entire area, 39.489 square miles (102.277 square kilometers) island, and 0.898 square miles (2.325 km2) is water (2.22 percent). Have a question regarding residential roofing? Please ask Fortified Roofing, #1 roofing contractor in Hamilton NJ today!

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