Five ways to determine the best shingle color for your home


When building a new home or re-roofing your current home, choosing the color of roofing shingles may prove challenging. You can’t just pick your favorite color as it might not harmonize well with the color scheme of your home.

It is imperative that you pick a proper roof color. Unfortunately, the process can be overwhelming since there are numerous colors and styles to choose from. This post will give you some important guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a roof color.

1.Neighborhood considerations

Choose a color that augurs well with your neighbor’s house as well as with your landscaping and the natural surroundings. That way, your home will not stand out for the wrong reasons. Note that this does not mean that you have to duplicate your neighbor’s roof (not unless it is the norm in the neighborhood).

Consequently, do not settle for a color that will clash with that of your neighbor’s roof. Just make sure that the end result is harmonious.

2.Think about the statement you want your home to make and the resale value

A bright roof color may be great as far as you are concerned, but for some people, it may be unappealing. Remember that curb appeal adds to your home’s value. Therefore, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, think of neutral colors for your roofing since they are safe and will be in fashion for several years.

Some of the colors that are considered neutral include brown, tans, creams, grays blacks and clays. You can also opt for color combinations if you want to be fashionable. Examples of combinations that may play include a palate of different tones of brown or a combination of blacks, blues, and grays (contact a professional before you go this way).

3.Consider the climate

Did you know that the color choice of your shingles can significantly affect your energy costs? Well, the color of your roof can affect the temperature in the attic by about 20 to 40 degrees making a great difference in cooling or heating your home. It is, therefore, important to consider the climate of your area when selecting the color shingle of your roof.

A light-colored shingle reflects sunlight and may lower the attic temperature helping you save on cooling costs. A dark shingle, on the other hand, absorbs more heat and may help heat up the home in cold climates. A dark shingle also helps melt snow and ice from your roof. However, if you insist on going for a dark colored shingle in a hot area, ensure you have adequate attic ventilation.

4.Match your roof with exterior color

Whether your property is made from bricks, wood or any other building material, the color, texture, and style of your home matter a lot when determining the roof color. Therefore, strive to coordinate the roof colors with the colors of other elements of the property like shutters, wooden sidings, bricks or stucco.

For example, if your trim or siding is brown, cream or tan, you need to go for a shingle color that has at least an element of brown. Grey and blue homes go well with a black or dark gray shingle. Red, yellow and green homes provide room for an array of color choice; therefore, you can choose any shingle color.

Color coordination is an important consideration especially for homeowners whose houses are made of bricks, stones or both. Unlike shutter colors and painted features that can be changed, bricks are a permanent feature that you need to complement. Wooden houses, on the other hand, are at an advantage since homeowners can just repaint the home in case they purchase roof colors that don’t match the exterior color.

5.View the shingle in all types of light

When choosing a shingle, check the shingle sample in both light and shade. For instance, some asphalt roofing materials can reflect light and be considered too bright. A shingle may look dull even in sunlight making your house look more uninviting in cloudy weather.

Place the sample shingle in a sunny area and compare it to your home’s brick colors and siding colors. Wait and view the same sample area when it is slightly dark. This will give you a better feel of how the shingle will look once it is installed.

Wrapping up

Since every homeowner has a unique sense of style and taste, there is no set criteria for choosing an asphalt roofing shingle. In case you are in the process of building a new house or putting in a new roof for your current home, you can drive around your neighborhood as you compare the different color combinations that your neighbors have used.

Create a list of the ones that have piqued your interest. After you’ve come up with the list, you can view actual shingle samples before making a final decision. Ask your contractor to avail the samples in order to see how each color will interact with the other color components of your home.

A new or replacement roof is a big-budget project that you should not take lightly. Since you will be living with the roof for several years, it is a good idea to seek professional advice. Fortified Roofing, the best roofing contractor in Brick, NJ is committed to helping homeowners find the perfect roof shingles to suit their needs. Contact us today (855-444-3678) to find out more about how our professional services can help you.