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Getting a new roof is not an occasion that the average homeowner can ignore. Having old, worn materials torn off, accommodating a multi-person crew, and living with the noise of footsteps and hammering overhead is likely to cause upheaval around the homestead. However, before the project gets underway, taking a few precautions indoors and out and making a couple changes in the usual routine can help make the job go more smoothly for the roofers and the family too.

Inside the house, homeowners should start with the attic because this is where the majority of indoor fallout from reroofing occurs. Having several workers walking on the roof is liable to dislodge items from the walls or disturb attic insulation. Removing all items that may otherwise fall and sustain damage during the roofing project keeps them safe. Hammering the new shingles in place may dislodge pieces of debris in the attic that could fall on stored items. It is a good idea to remove any old furniture, keepsakes and other items of any value from the area directly below the roof before the crew gets started.

Professional Cherry Hill roofing companies are happy to advise customers about steps they can take to protect precious belongings from damage while the work is ongoing. Fragile furnishings in other parts of the home, such as chandeliers, mirrors or glass frames, could fall and break during roofing activities.

Outside, homeowners should clear the space around the home’s perimeter to make room for the tear off phase. Contractors typically place dumpsters or dump trucks directly below the edge of the roof to catch old materials as the crew removes and discards them.

Therefore, moving all vehicles to a safer location during the project is the best strategy. Leaving space in the driveway for roofing vehicles allows the crew better access for materials delivery.

Parents and pet owners should make an effort to keep children and animals from playing near the house while tear off and roofing is ongoing. Not only are they in danger of being struck by materials from above, but loose nails and other debris on the ground could cause an injury. If necessary, putting up a temporary fence is one simple, preventative safety measure that works.

Moving planters that are normally in place near the edges of the house will protect them from falling debris. Homeowners can cover non-portable plants with heavy sheeting and when that isn’t feasible, they can caution the roofing crew about dropping heavy materials on particular plantings.

If the contractor indicates that driving across the lawn is essential for accessing the roof, the customer should clearly mark sprinkler heads so the driver can avoid them. This is a courtesy that the roofing company appreciates because it saves on sprinkler replacement costs.

Those especially sensitive to noise, such as day sleepers, infants and telecommuters, should consider moving elsewhere during the roofing project. It is impossible for this type of installation to be done quietly, and avoiding the disturbance altogether works best for some residents.The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Cherry Hill NJ can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or a new roof.

Term of the day, courtesy of the roofers at Fortified Roofing, Cherry Hill NJ:

Tear off

In many cases, existing layers of roofing material must be discarded before the crew can install the new roof. This process is called a tear off because roofers remove old shingles, nails, felt and flashing down to the bare wood surface.

Question and answer courtesy of the Cherry Hill NJ roofers at Fortified Roofing:

What should I do if the roofing crew crushes my prize-winning rose bushes?

The first step is to point out the plants to the crew foreman. Ask for suggestions on how to protect them during reroofing. If an accident occurs that damages the roses, speak with the foreman or the contractor about it immediately. Most reputable roofers will compensate residents for such damages. If not, the roofer’s bonding company will provide reimbursement for the plants.


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