Levittown, PA: Then and Now

Nestled in the Bucks County of Pennsylvania Levittown proudly stands as one of Philadelphia’s well known suburbs. This planned community is a testament to the vision and creativity of Bill Levitt and Alfred Levitt who not only envisioned Levittown but also meticulously designed and built it. Their journey began in 1951 when they acquired the land leaving a lasting impact by introducing six house models. Today Levittown flourishes with a community that’s home to over 52,000 residents.

The Levitt brothers embarked on their venture by purchasing the land and introducing six house models. These timeless classics – known as the Levittowner, Rancher, Jubilee, Pennsylvanian, Colonial and Country Clubber – were single family homes with lawns and an emphasis on affordability. Construction began in 1952. It’s worth mentioning that another Levittown was being developed on Long Island around the time by William Levitt.

What truly sets apart the creation of Levittown is the construction process engineered by Alfred and Bill. In their pursuit of efficiency they. Perfected a 26 step building method to ensure progress. Their innovative approach involved keeping the construction crew stationed at one house while swiftly moving from one to another.

Each worker had a task to accomplish, which they carried out with unwavering dedication. This cleverness enabled the Levitt brothers to complete 17,300 homes in two years averaging a brand new house constructed every twenty minutes.

The Levitt brothers envisioned Levittown as an integrated and harmonious community. They carefully planned the layout designing districts, with curving roads to improve traffic flow. Gone were the days of four way intersections. The brothers generously donated land in each district for the construction of schools emphasizing the importance of education. Their vision extended to placing churches and government institutions along thoroughfares like the Levittown Parkway. They also made sure that the town was adorned with pools, baseball and playground fields and beautiful green spaces. The impact of their vision was evident when they unveiled four model homes near the shopping center attracting over 30,000 visitors in two days.

Today Levittown remains a modern suburb that still exudes its unique charm. The Levitt brothers not reshaped the landscape of suburbs but also established an enduring legacy of affordability that persists today. Levittown is divided into 41 sections or neighborhoods spread across four municipalities; Bristol Township, Falls Township, Middletown Township and Tullytown.

Each town has its school district for managing the local elementary and high schools. Known school districts such as Neshaminy, Bristol Township and Pennsbury have an impact on the education of young people in the area.
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The architectural legacy of Levittown and its visionary founders is still celebrated today making it a thriving center of progress and development. Fortified Roofing, a contractor located in Levittown, PA is one of the contributors to the community’s well being. They provide roofing services to residents in this town. Looking ahead their commitment lies in serving this friendly community while supporting its growth and prosperity.

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