A visit to Woodbridge, NJ will leave you with wonderful memories of family fun and beautiful gardens. The residents of this quaint town enjoy outdoor activities, beauty, fresh air, and well maintained gardens. Many of the gardens are lined with flowers that bloom all year round, while other gardens feature seasonal plants only during certain times of the year. There are beautiful paths through the gardens, as well as nature plays and athletic fields for children to explore. Woodbridge New Jersey Parks also offers several free things to do at their parks, such as nature trail rides, summer concerts, farmer’s markets, boat launches, nature programs, and more.

Woodbridge New Jersey parks are located on beautiful properties that are surrounded by ponds and wooded areas. Several of the gardens feature beautiful landscapes and environmentally friendly gardens. Several of the parks have been developed specifically to bring residents closer to nature. This includes the Woodbridge Watershed Park, the Woodbridge Botanical Garden, the Woodbridge Wild Gardens, and the Woodbridge Environmental Education Center. All of these parks have beautiful green spaces that provide residents with the relaxation they need to get away from the fast paced lifestyle. These parks are managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation and offer great green space, paths, playgrounds, and a community center.

In addition to having great open spaces, the gardens feature beautiful views of the scenic waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the park gardens feature flowers and trees that grow naturally and are colorfully manicured. Many of the flower beds are also colorfully decorated, with gardens overflowing with a profusion of wildflowers. These gardens offer residents beautiful blooms year round and attract hummingbirds, goldfinches, robins, and many other species of birds. Some of the bird species that are found in the park are blue herons, white-crowned sparrows, little gray owls, and several species of larger birds. All of the plants and trees in the park have great leaves that are full of wonderful fragrances and attract numerous types of insects.

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