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Author: John Kabourakis

How to Prevent Roof Leakage: 6 Maintenance Tips

A roof leak is one of the most common reasons homeowners call for professional help. It is also one of the most costly issues that can cause serious damage to a home.

What makes this problem even more complicated is that more often than not, leaks are detected only after they have done considerable damage inside a home. It is, therefore, always highly recommended to act preventively and do whatever you can to keep your roof in a good functioning shape and keep all future problems at bay.

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Roofing Over an Existing Roof: What You Need to Know

When you start noticing issues with your roof, or when it is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is probably time for some big decisions. You may wonder about the roofing options you have, and which one will be the best solution for you. The best thing to do then is to call in a professional roofer and discuss it with them, as they have both the needed expertise and experience to steer you in the right direction.

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8 Unexpected Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Your home is your greatest investment, and everybody knows that it takes a little bit of time and effort to keep that investment safe, comfortable, and in an excellent condition. Cleaning your home’s gutters is one of the tasks that many homeowners sometimes disregard or forget, but it is actually a very important one that doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or money.

Clogged gutters can lead to a number of more serious problems and some very unexpected consequences. Find out what some of these main dangers to your home are and why you should inspect and clean your gutters regularly.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Gutter Cleaning

You probably already have gutters installed on your home, but do you know why they are valuable? They are used to help funnel water away from your home and prevent water erosion caused by heavy storms and rains.

However, they are not completely maintenance free. Regular maintenance and inspections, including cleaning, can help keep the system in great working condition and reduce the chance of requiring a full gutter replacement down the road.

Continue reading this guide and learn how to clean your gutter system with best results.

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Using Virtual Reality Tools in the Roofing Business

Virtual reality has seen significant developments in recent years. Its uses can be found in a vast array of different types of businesses, as well as in our everyday lives. Virtual reality tools serve to enhance the visualization of projects and products and produce better, more accurate finished results.

Roofing is one of the areas where virtual reality has found fertile ground, and even though its usage has not yet become the standard of the industry, it is a tool that many roofers have begun to put into practice.

Virtual reality tools are bringing about many benefits and positive changes to the roofing industry, so let’s find how and what they are.

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A Practical Guide to Insulating Your Home on a Budget

Maybe you have read or heard many times before about how important it is to insulate your home. Yes, it’s true – insulation is a crucial step in the process of building a new home or improving the existing one.

If your house wasn’t insulated well during the construction process, the chances that you are losing loads of energy each year are good, and that explains your higher electricity bills. Except that, insulation also helps in maintaining the comfortable living environment, it can minimize condensation, and it helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roofing

Metal is one of the lightest and most enduring roof materials. It is completely non-combustible, reduces overall roof weight, and requires minimum maintenance. These properties make metal roofs a great choice to use on most buildings and houses, and also make them as near-permanent a roof solution as possible.

Let’s have a look at some other extraordinary properties of metal roofs that make them one of the most functional and attractive roof choices on the market…

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Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey Interview

Non-Profit Interview with Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey in Bridgewater, NJ

Your best local roofing contractor from Bridgewater, NJ, Fortified Roofing, proudly presents a non-profit organization Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey. Organization’s mission is promoting great childhoods, positive parenting, healthy child development, and helping parents nurture their children in general.

We have been talking to Pamela Stalcup who is a Director of Development and Communications. She explained that she really enjoys working with many passionate volunteers and talented professionals from Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey. For more information about an organization, read the following interview.

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Adoptions From The Heart Interview

Non-profit Interview in Bensalem: Adoptions From The Heart

Recently we contacted Maxine, CEO and Executive Director at Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH), a non-profit open adoption agency. Being an adoptee herself, she wanted to discover her biological family, and that’s is what lead her to start AFTH. Today she has an exceptional agency that helps people beautiful families and lives.

A family is the most beautiful thing in the world, and everyone has a need to be accepted, understood and loved. Your best roofers from Bensalem, Fortified Roofing, support amazing organizations just like this one. Here, we bring you an interesting interview with Maxine. Remember to take care of your family, and cherish one another, this will lead to a  happy and fulfilling life.

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Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey Interview

Interview in Bridgewater, NJ with Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey

Your top roofing company Fortified Roofing from Bridgewater, NJ recently spoke with Kristen Kraemer from Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey (GSHNJ) situated in North Branch, New Jersey. We wanted to ask her some questions about the organization’s mission, work, and progress because we admire and support the work they do.

The organization has developed the leadership program for young girls which is helping them with discovering themselves through connecting with the community of girls and supporting mentors. GSHNJ has over hundred years experience what definitely isn’t a fact to ignore, and we wish them at least a hundred years more! Read about how their process looks in the following text, and always be a good example to young girls!

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