Month: July 2017

New Trends in Residential Construction

Construction is a rapidly changing field. For that reason, it is vital for construction professionals in New Jersey to keep up with the existing and upcoming changes in the field.Starting from 2016, there is a noticeable shift of attention in the field. Even though according to reports, construction spending did not meet the last year goals, economists have made predictions of growth of at least 5% in the value of starts this year 2017 going by Dodge Data & Analytics.

That being said, it goes without saying that keeping up with the latest trends in residential construction can help you have a complete perspective of the industry and remain competitive. It is also crucial to note that in spite of the positive predictions, a feeling of uncertainty in the industry is present.

Having spoken to various experts from the construction industry just to learn about their vision of residential construction trends, below is an overview of some of the thoughts about the major residential construction trends at the moment. They include:

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Sustainable Materials on Construction Market

The Most Sustainable Building Materials for Everyday Construction!

A variety of building materials for improved construction

Why is it so important to have sustainable building materials? With the increasing rise in the global population, the need for accommodation is a huge necessity. However, the current construction materials are quite unsustainable, producing high quantities of carbon (IV) oxide. Such is during construction and also in the entire life of the building.

Despite this, there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel. Through improved technology and innovation, global accommodation is now very possible. So, what types of building materials should you use?

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Great Swamp on Lake Passaic

A Walk Through History: Lake Passaic and its Effects

Even though people often don’t think of New Jersey as nature oasis, if you scratch beneath the automobile industry and railroads you will find that this state has an impressive amount of parks and green surfaces. A genuine beauty of New Jersey lies in its natural wonders. It is not just about the beautiful green views and compelling environment but about activities that those offer as well. Plenty of those outdoor activities are possible due to the existence of the Lake Passaic. What is it? Why is it important and what it brought to New Jersey? Keep reading and find out!

Story of Lake Passaic

Many people don’t know about this prehistoric proglacial lake. It doesn’t surprise us since it existed at the end of the last ice age which means about 19,000- 14,000 years ago. Lake Passaic was

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