Month: June 2017

Solar Technology at Home

Harvesting the power of the sun on your rooftop

Green living is becoming more and more popular in this modern age, where new technologies are being developed every day. But what’s more important, is that the new technologies allow for a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. When it comes to roofs, you can now install renewable energy systems, and the best solution for that is solar roofing systems. Even though the eco-friendly methods of roofing are still expensive, people are starting to see the benefits of them for their home and nature.

Solar systems are very popular and, what is more important, very energy efficient. With them, you can save money and take care of your environment.

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Green Roof: The Future of Sustainable Living

With each new environmental analysis, we become more aware of the situation our planet is in. Results showing high levels of carbon dioxide, ozone, and other harmful gasses in the atmosphere are an alarming wake-up call to everyone. Science and technology are hitting their maximum to find new and sustainable ways of building and living – from wasting less water to implementing green building options and transforming our properties into energy-efficient machines. One of the latest sustainable solutions and a more eco-friendly alternative to regular concrete roofs are green roofs. They transform the neglected space on the roof into a functional green oasis.

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Shingle Repair – 101

Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

A shingle roof is one of the most important aspects of a home exterior to maintain. A sound roof system is critical to keeping your home dry, warm in winter, and cool in summer. Once any component of that system becomes damaged or compromised you could find yourself with more than just leaks. Left unrepaired, you may end up with ruined insulation, mold, and rot, to name a few possibilities.

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New Technologies in Roofing Industry

Digital Tech in Construction and Housing

Digitalization is overwhelmingly taking most industries by storm, but the construction industry has been the slowest and most hesitant in accepting it. When it comes to the construction industry, however, the benefits of digital tech are multiple. It increases efficiency, accuracy, standards of quality, workplace safety, success rates, and decreases the possibility for errors and accidents. Everything is done in a shorter amount of time, and all of it, in turn, results in a lower overall cost of the project.

Digital tech and digitalization, in general, have proven helpful in nearly every

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6 Easy Steps to Buying a New Roof

Purchasing a new roof for your home may seem like a huge task with the variety of roofing replacement options available. The expense of a new roof may also seem a bit overwhelming.

Frequently asked questions when considering purchasing a new roof for your home:

  • What qualifications should a roofing contractor have?
  • What is the appropriate roof for my particular home?
  • How much does a new roof cost?
  • How will my home, contents, and family be protected during the installation process?

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Fortified Roofing

Fortified Roofing is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor in New Jersey.

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